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Cyberpunk roguelike real-time strategy game C-Wars hits Kickstarter


Chinese indie developer Onipunks Studio kicked off its Kickstarter campaign for C-Wars last week. C-Wars is a roguelike real-time strategy and tower defense-styled game that is currently in its alpha stage of development. The game has players investigating infected areas of a post-apocalyptic world, taking on enemies in Mega Man Battle Network-style RTS combat along the way. The game's site notes that battles are much faster paced with non-stop action being a focal point, as seen in the developer's Kickstarter video above.

Onipunks is offering a free demo of the alpha build of the game on its website. C-Wars is currently sitting at $19,943 in funding, and is seeking $32,000 by May 11 to complete its Kickstarter campaign. The game is coming to PC, Mac, Linux and Android tablets in fall 2013, with the developer considering Wii U and 3DS support, providing enough money is pledged to make that happen.

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