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Oculus Rift first-person adventure game The Gallery hits Kickstarter goal


The Gallery: Six Elements recently reached its $65,000 Kickstarter funding goal before its April 17 deadline. The project from CloudHead Games is a first-person adventure game designed with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in mind, though the developer notes that it will not be required to play the game. The Gallery draws influences from the Myst adventure series, and has players traversing through six painted portals that represent the "core elements of life."

The project is currently sitting at $70,036, just enough to achieve a stretch goal that grants the game Razer Hyrdra support, Sixense's PC motion controller. The Gallery will launch on PC and Mac, and is currently vying for a spot on Steam through Steam's Greenlight service.

[Thanks, Rasmus!]

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