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Sunday Morning Funnies: What's Shakin'

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Each week, Sunday Morning Funnies is spotlighting a regularly updating comic based on or inspired by WoW. This week's feature is What's Shakin':

What's Shakin' is a comic that chronicles "the epic adventures of Coffinshaker and friends." It is based on the original characters from Coffin Comics, which is now about a variety of video games and other topics.

While it is inspired by
WoW, it is an original story set in its own world. Shawn Tommelleo, the creator, describes it as "fantasy drama with a splash of humor."

Coffinshaker is the "fun and lovable fire mage" with a big imagination. He's quiet, a touch odd, and really doesn't have much hair. Ell is the "smokin'" hot healer of the group who specializes in defensive magic. Nith is a holy battlemage and trouble-maker, while Pai is a summoner (complete with guardian spirit, Berry, who – alas – can't use magic).

What's Shakin' updates Mondays.

This week's comics are:

In comic news this week, we have a new comic on the list, Adventures of Melisaran (above), submitted by the artist; it is NSFW with adult themes so keep that in mind before clicking.

Lackinganame was sick all week, so here's hoping he's feeling better! On the upside, there are still three new installments of Gratz to check out this week.

And of course, Fox Rain is kicking off its rebooted Chapter 2 and marking Kuo's 1000th comic posted. Congratulations! (And apparently, has been featured on the SMF weekly list since 2009. 2009, my friends!)

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