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Chaos Theory: The Secret World community roundup

MJ Guthrie

You've heard me express my thoughts quite a bit over the last couple of months about everything from what I want to see in The Secret World (like housing and an encore to special events) to my experiences with different aspects of the game (such as sabotage missions and Issue #6). Now it's time to share yours! Yes, folks, this week follows in a time-honored tradition of community roundups, where we dive into the topics that are in the forefront of the community's collective mind.

Of course, we can't touch on everything here (that's what official forums are for), but we can explore a smattering of the topics raised. So what are TSW players chattering about lately? Among the ongoing conversations are discussions about veteran rewards, clothing, PvP tournaments, and builds.

The Secret World screenshot
For the vets
Having started back on January 22nd, the discussion about the veteran rewards system is still going strong (it might help that thread is a sticky). So what is the community saying? Some folks are still eagerly awaiting items mentioned in the original post, such as portable banks and auction houses, a combat dummy, a regional teleport, and mission cool-down consumables. Others are unimpressed with the choices or are annoyed with the restrictions on multiple characters.

The Secret World screenshotBeyond complaints, a number of players have offered suggestions, and I think they have some real merit. How about adding large felines to the choices for pets? Tigers, panthers -- I am totally in! I'll buy a few even. Another player recommended making veteran reward points be tied to each individual character with all rewards being character-based. However, if this one were implemented, I could see Funcom lowering the number of veteran points earned, as this change would effectively triple the reward. I don't think we could afford much of anything if the reward rate were lowered.

And finally, one commenter asks for veteran rewards to get their own tab for shopping purposes. Yes! Yes! And please, yes! Right now you have to sift through the categories looking for what's available, when you might want to view only the special veteran items. I have to admit I can understand that the more items a customer sees, the more likely something will catch his eye and lead to a purchase, but oftentimes the forced browsing just puts people off. Some would even rather ignore the rewards entirely then scroll through endless items. For those who aren't window shoppers, make veteran rewards a sort category.

The better to dress you with
Although the first post in the thread was posted last July, the clothing wish list has remained active and now boasts 87 pages. More colors and job uniforms are common suggestions (could the recent inmate attire fit in the job category?), but the discussion also veers off into sexism as proven by clothing options. You know, I am not really going to wade into the whole debate beyond saying that yes, I see plenty of skimpy choices for women (hey, I bought one and am proud to wear it), but there are plenty of other choices as well. I've also got a fully clothed, modest toon myself. Could the game use more options? Always! I say more of all choices.

The Secret World screenshot
And speaking of choices, as for the poster who said add in an eye patch, I say right on! I like the way you think. I'd totally like to go further though: Since the whole beginning of the game is themed around Halloween, I'd like to see some classic Halloween costumes. Sure, there are some outfits that fit into this mold already (the cowboy stuff, the inmate attire), but I'd love to see more of those typical cheesy outfits you see advertised every October -- pirates, fairy tale characters, Elvira, and Count Dracula to name a few. I even want to see corny couples sets, like ketchup and mustard bottles. Of course, before long I might start requesting the ability to trick-or-treat on Solomon Island...

The realm of PvP
The two most popular topics currently in the PvP sub-forum (tossing out the stickied Fusang thread) are a call to nerf AoEs and a query of what music players listen to while PvPing. You know, I just fell in love with the community a little more, seeing that the question of musical soundtracks beats out posturing. Granted, I don't visit this particular sub-forum all that much, so maybe I am missing stuff (or it is moderated really well), but it is refreshing to not see thread after thread of rabid flaming every time I do scroll through it.

Another topic raised recently was about hosting PvP tournaments with prizes; a known tourney organizer was testing the waters for starting them here in The Secret World. Having covered one of Epidemic Gaming's events for Wings Over Atreia, I was drawn to this post. An event like this could be a boon for the game as a whole and PvP in general. Of course, I am talking in addition to any other tournaments that other groups and players are willing to put together; there is no reason to have only one and many reasons to have more. If you like the idea and want to weigh in on it, check out the official thread.

The Secret World screenshot
What the BLEEP am I doing?
OK, maybe we haven't heard this one expressed quite like this, but it is a sentiment I hear in game and out -- what am I doing, or what am I doing wrong? In fact, the builds and decks section of the forums is the second-biggest one. I haven't made any secret of the fact I am not intensely into theorycrafting; I play what I like and go from there. But there comes a time when almost everyone wants a few pointers on making his character better. Maybe you want to start joining groups and get to endgame, or maybe you want to continue soloing but really want to take on the harder content that keeps squashing you like a buzzing insect.

Plenty of folks ask for advice both in game and on the forums, so in answer to this, I am actually going to open myself up for Chaos Theory's first ever episode of "What Not to Wear in TSW." On Thursday, April 18th at 9:00 p.m. EDT, tune in to Massively TV to hear a theorycrafter give pointers on how to better my DPS performance live. We might even pull in audience members for the same treatment, so don't miss this chance to snicker at my gear and maybe learn a few tricks or two. Then we'll sum up all those pointers for you in next week's column.

Conspiracies, paranoia, secrets, and chaos -- the breakfast of champions! Feast on a bowlful with MJ every Monday as she infiltrates The Secret World to bring you the latest word on the streets of Gaia in Chaos Theory. Heard some juicy whispers or have a few leads you want followed? Send them to and she'll jump on the case!The better to dress you with

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