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EA shuttering SimCity Social, The Sims Social and Pet Society on June 14th


For a while, it looked like EA was ready to stake a large part of its gaming future on social networking, introducing Facebook-oriented ports like SimCity Social and The Sims Social as well as more original titles. As it turns out, the game publisher isn't quite ready to be a social butterfly: following an earlier cull that focused heavily on sports-themed web games, EA is axing SimCity Social, The Sims Social and Pet Society on June 14th. There's no mystery to the shutdown, as EA explains that strong initial demand rapidly tapered off -- name recognition got the company's foot in the door, but didn't keep it there. Fortunately, gamers who feel jilted will at least get an incentive to switch to more popular games from EA's PopCap studio, though the company hasn't provided any additional details there except to say an offer is coming soon. We're all in favor of shifting resources to where they'll be truly appreciated, although we can't help but feel sorry for SimCity fans that have just been burned twice in a row.

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