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HTC One launch vid disappears, but not before claiming it's 'everything your phone isn't' (video)


We've commented before on how HTC always seems to come in second to Samsung -- not because it has inferior hardware, but because its marketing budget is comparable to what's fallen between the cushions of Sammy's sofa. We might have seen the start of a new strategy from HTC, however, as the company appears to have collaborated with Funny or Die on a comedic promo for the HTC One. It surfaced at the end of last week, but seems to have since been removed from the site. (It's possible HTC deliberately pulled it for some reason, and we've reached out for comment.) In the meantime, copies have found their way onto YouTube, and AdAge reports it'll start showing up on some websites today, and in a bunch of movie theaters from April 26th. A spoof of The Bachelorette, hosted by James Van Der Beek Dawson Leery, the clip depicts the leading lady deciding on her next handset, with the One winning out against feature-lacking peers -- or rather, people dressed in phone costumes. HTC even go as far as coining a bold tagline for the flagship: it's "everything your phone isn't." Whether it's actually funny is up to you, so check out the full skit below.

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