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Laurene Powell Jobs discusses Steve's legacy


Behind every great man there's a great woman. Such is the case with Steve Jobs, who was married to Laurene Powell Jobs for more than 20 years and raised three children with her before he passed away in late 2011. For the first time since her husband's death, Mrs. Jobs sat down with NBC's Brian Williams and publicly talked about her husband's legacy.

Jobs says she sees a bit of Steve everywhere she goes. "Having the body of work surrounding us is actually a really beautiful reminder," she said, "and I find it touching and inspiring for me to make sure that I continue to do what I'm most passionate about, and I hope my kids feel the same way."

Like her husband, Jobs is a very private person, but she recently stepped into the limelight to talk about immigration reform. She worked with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim on The Dream is Now, a 30-minute documentary that profiles the undocumented children of immigrants who want to earn their citizenship.

You can find out more about Jobs' legacy and The Dream is Now documentary in the NBC Rock Center video embedded below.

[Via NY Daily News]

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