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Rumor Roundup: A new definition of 'insider'


The rumor blogs are developing a curious type of tunnel vision lately. Any time a rumored new hire, new part, new technology, or new patent appears that can't be immediately tied to one of Apple's existing products, the rumor blogs immediately start braying about the iWatch. They did exactly the same thing last year, except in 2012 the Apple HDTV was the Big Mythical Apple Device of the Year.

5th Generation iPad to Begin Production in July-August (MacRumors)

"Digitimes claims that" -BZZZT. Next.

'iPhone 5S', cheaper iPhone to come in multiple new colors, July announcement? (9to5 Mac)

Macotakara claims the next iPhone will come in three additional colors. It's worth mentioning that the first time this rumor came about, it was sourced from an analyst who's wrong about Apple's product pipeline often enough that it merited a special post on Cult of Mac outlining his terrible accuracy record.

Apple and Yahoo in active discussions regarding increased partnership for Siri, search (Wall Street Journal, via 9to5 Mac)

This makes a little more sense than the usual garden-variety Apple rumor. Apple and Yahoo aren't really competitors -- certainly not to the extent that Apple and Google are -- so Apple partnering with Yahoo to source some data for things like Siri actually makes sense.

OS X 10.8.4 code confirms new Macs incoming with super-fast 802.11ac Gigabit wireless support (9to5 Mac)

Although these types of leaks are theoretically trivially easy to fake, they usually turn out to be accurate.

Is this the front of Apple's next-generation iPad? (Engadget)

Yeah, probably.

Korea Times posts its latest 'Apple moving away from Samsung' claim (9to5 Mac)

From the article: "The paper regularly claims that Apple is abandoning Samsung as a supplier, and is regularly wrong." Okay... so why repost this "news" in the first place?

Microsoft's Office for iOS, Android: Not until fall 2014? (ZDNet)

The longer Microsoft waits, the less relevant Office will be in a post-PC world. We've already had three years to get used to the idea of creating content on an iPad without Microsoft's help. The company certainly isn't doing itself any favors by ignoring this market... then again, when was the last time Microsoft was undeniably firing on all cylinders?

Analyst says Apple may launch new internet service, 'killer iOS app' after meeting with management (AppleInsider)

The analyst in question seems to be making a habit of meeting with Apple management, then coming out with extraordinarily vague claims about Apple's product pipeline shortly thereafter. I seriously doubt Apple's management is giving her any more information than they usually give out at their quarterly financial conference calls -- in other words, "We don't comment on unreleased products."

Component may show dual-head vibration motor for Apple's low-cost iPhone (AppleInsider)

Add this to the rogue's gallery of "History's Least Exciting Product Leaks."

5-inch iPhone Analysis: Apple Needs an 'iPhad,' Topeka Says (BGR)

Some analyst decided to double down on his track record of being wrong about Apple by suggesting that Apple's best -- maybe only -- chance for success is to essentially copy Samsung's product strategy. Riiiight.

Development issues may cause later-than-expected debuts of 'iPhone 5S,' low-cost iPhone & next iPad mini (AppleInsider)

From the article: "The bulk of Apple's 2013 product pipeline will likely launch later than many market watchers expect, according to one insider." Wow, who is this "insider" with such intimate knowledge of Apple's release schedule? Some financial analyst.

This is a perfect example of the low point the various rumor blogs have reached. When analysts are classified as "insiders," where does it end? Is Digitimes up for election to Apple's Board of Directors?

Apple close to closing 'iRadio' streaming deal with Warner, royalties on par with Pandora rates (9to5 Mac)

This zombie rumor simply refuses to die, no matter how much time passes and no matter how many times it fails to come true. It's the kind of thing we can all envision happening someday -- eventually -- so when it does, count on the rumor blogs to trumpet their accuracy while ignoring literally years of false prophecy.

Next-gen iPad could use new LED backlighting system to cut weight (AppleInsider)

This is far from the first time this rumor has been announced, and it's mundane enough that it's probably true.

Rumor: Ex-Adobe exec Kevin Lynch heading Apple team of former iPod employees (AppleInsider)

From the article: "It's unknown exactly what Lynch's new mystery team is working on, but the site speculated on Friday that the new division could be working on Apple's rumored smart watch accessory."

As mentioned earlier, this is the latest trend in the rumor scene. "We don't know what Apple's doing or what it's for... so it must be about the iWatch!" Non sequitur; your thoughts are uncoordinated.

Fingerprint identification technology may be next-gen iPhone's Siri (BGR)

Or... and bear with me here... it may not feature on the device at all. Just like last year. In the meantime, maybe you should stop posting every single word "Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White" says about Apple as though it were carved on unibody aluminium tablets, because you're going to look awfully silly when his predictions turn out to have a lower accuracy percentage than random chance.

Longtime Apple Board Member Bill Campbell Says Technology Coming to 'Intimate Objects' (MacRumors)

One of Apple's board members makes off-the-cuff remarks about "intimate objects" = rumor blogs fall all over one another in the race to be FIRST! to post a story linking this to Apple's supposed smart watch endeavors.

Microsoft Looking to Join the Smart Watch Race (MacRumors)

No comment necessary. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

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