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Scout for iPhone adding 3d building and crowd-sourced traffic info later this year

Mel Martin

Telenav today announced some major enhancements to its free Scout navigation app. Of note, 3D buildings and landmarks are included in the upcoming update, along with significant improvements to the Scout traffic content and user interface.

Using some graphics techniques from the game industry, Scout will add 3D in many major metro areas around the US. As drivers near upcoming turns, Scout will dynamically change screen views to show relevant landmarks and give drivers better information to assist with upcoming turns. The 3D data is locally cached and automatically downloaded as locations change.

Telenav will also incorporate some significant changes to what's currently offered in traffic information. Users will be able to add traffic information to share with others, and the Scout app will offer alternate routes based on the reported traffic information. The Scout app will update at the midway point of the trip to see if conditions have changed.

These updates are expected to be added to the free and premium versions of the app later this year. Telenav and others are aggressively adding features to compete with big players like Apple and Google.

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