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Watch a 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct April 17 at 10am Eastern


Both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe will hold Nintendo Direct presentations this Wednesday, April 17 at 10am ET/7am PT/4pm CEST, with unspecified new information about the Nintendo 3DS.

We will, of course, be watching both, and breaking out the news into individual posts – which should be much easier for you to read at work – but feel free to join us on Wednesday whether you'd prefer to watch or read. Or both!

The last Nintendo Direct two months ago was surprisingly packed with info, revealing Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Mario Golf: World Tour, New Super Luigi U DLC, Animal Crossing: New Leaf's release date, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, and more. We don't say that to suggest that this week's will be that good, rather to warn you that they can't all be that good.

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