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AT&T's Galaxy S 4 page lists April 30th ship date, $199 / $639 price for 16GB


We saw AT&T open up a registration page for the Galaxy S 4 almost as soon as Samsung's presentation was over, but now that link is exposing a bit more information. Several tipsters let us know that for customers in certain areas, the website is now showing the 16GB GS4 available for pre-order in White Frost or Black Mist. Some of the details are visible to all, including that the phone is promised to ship April 30th and has an off-contract price tag of $639 ($199 w/ two-year agreement). Those who can get further in the ordering process report it's expected to arrive at their homes on or before May 3rd, with two-day shipping. Hit the link below if you're moved to get your pre-order for Samsung's latest standard-bearer in as soon as possible.

[Thanks, Stephen, Asim, Jeff]

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