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IndieFort Spring Bundle on GamersGate; Arcen's library 75% off on Steam


The GamersGate IndieFort Spring Bundle is now available, offering up a quintet of indie games at one rock-bottom price. The core bundle contains Arcen Games' RT, AI War: Fleet Command, Coffee Stain's tower defense game, Sanctum, the Linux-originated space shooter Zigfrak, Legendo's Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader, and an alpha version of Stygian's turn-based RPG, Underrail.

All five cost $7.99 in total, or you can add a little extra if you want to tip the developers. There are also some map packs and DLC bonuses to unlock, depending on how many copies the bundle sells overall.

Steam is also offering the entire Arcen library for 75 percent off. That includes Shattered Haven for $2.49, or A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2 for $3.74, on sale with the rest of Arcen's games all week long.

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