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Ron Gilbert imagines a new, independent Monkey Island game


Ron Gilbert is not making another Monkey Island game – we repeat, Gilbert is not making another Monkey Island game – but if he did, he has a few ideas for what it would look, feel and play like. In his latest Grumpy Gamer blog post, Gilbert lists upgrades and changes he'd want in a new Monkey Island game, including "enhanced low-res" visuals, hardcore adventure mechanics with minimal hand-holding, a huge inventory and dialogue puzzles.

Gilbert would want to rebuild the SCUMM language, in terms of its ability to rapidly iterate new ideas: "SCUMM lived and breathed adventure games. I'd build an engine and a language where funny ideas can be laughed about at lunch and be in the game that afternoon. SCUMM did that. It's something that is getting lost today."

Gilbert's wish list includes a team of 10 people or fewer, a boxed game, full voice acting, and a title of Monkey Island 3a, since "all the games after Monkey Island 2 don't exist" in his universe. He's even envisioned a Kickstarter free of frills or fancy videos, one that doesn't attempt to break any money-making records. Gilbert would need to own and control every aspect of the IP, meaning he wouldn't look for a publisher, and Kickstarter would indeed be an option.

Most shocking, though, is number 14 on Gilbert's list: "The press won't get advanced copies." Why do you tease so good, Gilbert?

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