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Breakfast Topic: We've all been a ninja


My esteemed colleague Sarah Pine and I were, as ever, chatting about nothing in particular in WoW Insider's chatroom, when we stumbled upon the question of ninjas. No, not quite what you're thinking, the bad kind of ninja who steals loot from under the noses of the noble, but the other kind of ninja. Yes, it's also a bad kind of ninja, I'm thinking today about the ninja that pulls.

Ninja pulls are almost always embarrassing, and you can tell from an (admittedly lengthy) reading of my past breakfast topics that I love asking you all to share your darkest WoW secrets. So let's talk about ninja pulls. I've definitely had my share, everything from the bog-standard "oops, got a little too close there" to accidentally activating auto-run, the dreaded hunter auto-shot pull, and more, but one that particularly sticks in my mind is when my guild was first taking on Stone Guard.

Our warlock had, helpfully, put a Demonic Gateway to take players from the entrance end of the room to the end of the room where Feng hangs out. Very generous indeed. Now, I'm a jumper. I leap around the place while I'm waiting like a particularly excitable kangaroo. It must drive people half mad. Anyhow that day, I was bouncing about as I always do, and accidentally leapt into the Gateway. No big deal? Well, this was before you had to click the Gateway to use it. I flew through the air, swearing like a fishwife, straight into the Jade Guardian. We wiped. I apologized, profusely, and was roundly chastised for my jumpy ways!

So tell me about your ninja pulls. Don't be afraid, we're all friends here!

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