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ChuggaBugga, an app from ex-LucasArts employee for his daughter


For close to the past year, Doug Smith has been toiling away nights and weekends on a passion project called ChuggaBugga. It's a game for children about a train full of bugs hauling four boxcars – kids poke and prod the various interactive elements, such as an accordion-like boxcar and another replete with swimming pool and high-dive for the whimsical bugs to enjoy.

Smith, a recent ex-LucasArts employee, initially started working on the game just for his daughter, though he's not complaining about all the support he's received from people who aren't his daughter – specifically, Reddit. "Who knows? Maybe I can turn this into a full-time indie thing," he wrote. In a subsequent update, Smith called the reception "an amazing silver-lining" to his LucasArts woes.

ChuggaBugga is currently available for $1.99 on iOS devices.

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