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EVE Online collecting player stories, CSM elections halfway over


In a lot of ways, EVE Online players are a lot like vikings. Or so CCP's new promotional video would have you believe. It draws comparisons between early Icelandic settlers carving out their place in the world to players in the galaxy of EVE Online doing much the same. It also makes the fine point that we would know nothing about the settlers of Iceland were it not for the few who took the time to write about the events of the time. The fine scholars at CCP want to preserve the history of EVE Online in a similar way, and they want players' help to do it. Internet spacefarers can go to the EVE True Stories site and submit their favorite tales, which will be voted upon by fellow players. One lucky player will even win a trip to Iceland to visit CCP's studios and take in the splendor of the country.

EVE players and politicians may also want to remember that the 8th Council of Stellar Management elections are halfway done, and voting will close on April 17th (that's today!) at 7 p.m. EST (midnight GMT). So if you want to make your voice heard, head on over to the election page and cast your ballot. Also, don't forget to check out the True Stories video after the cut.SM

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