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Fez PC pre-orders turn the tables on Steam, GOG on April 22


For all you patient PC players itching to get your mitts on XBLA indie hit Fez, mark your calendars (probably take off those mitts first): Fez pre-orders open on April 22 via Steam and GOG, and the game will be 10 percent off – $9 – until it launches on May 1.

"No more waiting for a thing to actually be out before you can buy it! No more keeping all that pesky money to yourself! With our patented pre-order technology, we take your money today and give you something later!" Polytron's official pre-order announcement evangelizes. "Spend money and save money! At the same time!" Now that's a deal.

We found 2012's XBLA version of Fez to be joyful, challenging and deeply satisfying as a puzzle platformer. That edition has sold 200,000 copies to date, and eventually, the game should be out on "pretty much everything," including Mac, Linux, Vita, Ouya and iOS.

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