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Major League Baseball fans still favor iOS over Android


Bob Bowman, the president and CEO of Major League Baseball Advanced Media, sat down with Walt Mossberg at the D: Dive into Mobile conference on Tuesday. Among other things, the pair talked about Apple versus Android in the world of Major League Baseball apps.

Bowman confirmed that iOS is still the king when it comes to Major League Baseball fans, but the platform has lost some of its users in the past few years. Approximately 70 percent of the current user base is running iOS, down from 80 percent two years ago. Android gained ground on iOS because of the success of Samsung's popular Galaxy phones. "The Samsung phone is quite a good Android phone," Bowman told Mossberg in the AllThingsD interview.

User base isn't the only area in which iOS is leading. iOS owners are also outpacing their Android counterparts in revenue. Despite grabbing 30 percent of the user base, Android owners only contribute between 15 to 20 percent of's revenue, while iOS owners contribute 80 to 85 percent. Bowman claims iOS owners are more likely to pay for content, including the US$20 subscription to a season's worth of Major League Baseball games.

You can find out more about Bowman and by watching the entire interview on AllThingsD's website.

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