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Osom mashes up Craigslist and Instagram, lets you sell your beautiful things


Perhaps after wading through one too many bleach bypass photos of someone's scooter, a trio of Swedish developers thought an Instagram-like app would be an ideal way to sell such things. To wit, they developed Osom, an iPhone app that pays homage to the social shooter in concept as well as design by letting you create photos with a variety of filters, price them and put them up for sale. Other users can find your artwork by following you, filtering by geography, watching a global feed or seeing it on Facebook via a cross-posting option. To buy a photo, they'll need to contact you directly through the app, as there's no built-in payment option. According to TNW, the team hopes to keep images in the feed beautiful and upscale, though so far the selection isn't curated -- and we saw a fire extinguisher and other run-of-the-mill goods alongside vintage dresses, antiques and the like. Osom will eventually include "featured" and "Osom'd" ads to make money, so if you want to enjoy the unsullied version while it lasts, hit the source to grab it.

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