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The Hobbit will be first movie to support UltraViolet in New Zealand and Australia

Sharif Sakr

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Peter Jackson's homeland hasn't been too hot on UltraViolet until now, despite the cross-platform library tool's growing popularity in the US and UK. That'll change with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which is set to launch on DVD and Blu-ray in New Zealand on May 1st and will allow both Kiwis and Aussies to purchase the movie on disc and then watch it on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and hopefully even Xbox via a redemption code and a Flixster account in the cloud -- with no DIY required. In wider UV-related news, the technology is also scheduled to reach France and Germany by the end of Q3 of this year, which should add a few names to the 12 million account holders around the world who've already used UltraViolet to watch 9,000 different titles.

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