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Vendetta Online now available on the iPad


Vendetta Online was officially released for the PC back in 2004 -- it's a space combat-based massively multiplayer online game that has been updated and developed almost constantly since it first went online in 2002. A few years ago, the game went mobile on Windows tablets, and today, Vendetta Online has made its way over to iOS. It's now available for the iPad.

There are a few interesting things about this one. First of all, unlike the great Galaxy on Fire 2, which also features space-based combat and trading, Vendetta Online is a real MMO, which means you'll see hundreds if not thousands of other players flying around the game's universe with you. Vendetta's been updated many, many times over the years, and all of the core game's features have made it over to the iPad, along with iOS-specific features like achievements on Game Center. There's also cross-platform integration, so you can play on iPad alongside players also playing on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

And finally, because this is a full MMO, it requires an extra cost to keep the servers going. Buying the app for just 99 cents gets you a month of service for free, but the app will cost another dollar per month after that. $12 a year isn't bad at all for a subscription (WoW still charges more than that per month), but it may be more than most iOS gamers are willing to pay. Still, Vendetta Online is a classic title at this point with a dedicated audience, and it's nice to finally have it available and running on the iPad.

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