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Watch today's 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct right here [update: it's over!]


Update: And it's over. And there was a lo-ho-ot of news. If you missed the live version, you can check out a replay of the North American Direct above.

After a wee flurry of Nintendo Direct broadcasts at the top of the year, it's been kind of a while since we last saw Satoru Iwata do that weird hands thing, or make Reggie Fils-Aime's grasp of other languages look terrible. So that's why we're eager and keen about this morning's batch of Nintendo Direct. Oh, and all the news and announcements and stuff.

North America and Europe's Directs are 3DS-focused, while Japan's is based around 'The Year of Luigi.' Japan's Direct should also provide some details on April's Wii U system update, which is expected next week.

As ever, we've got the North American stream up high for you to watch here on Joystiq, while Europe and Japan are below the equator - wait no, that's geography (and not good geography). They're below the break. Each stream is scheduled to begin at 10AM ET (7AM PT, 3PM UK), and we'll have all the news on the site as it happens.

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