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Black Desert interview talks active combat and the big picture

Eliot Lefebvre

Black Desert is not a game that can be faulted for lack of ambition. A recent interview with the design staff helps show off just how big the game aims to be, which includes territory control, building relationships with NPCs, and an open-world housing system with a limited number of houses. It also discusses the game's combat, which is meant to be realistic active combat with an emphasis on skill and momentum.

The game's combat system will include combat on foot or while mounted, with mounted combat having several obvious advantages -- charging while mounted can be incredibly damaging, and you have an easier time knocking down targets on foot. Combat is meant to be slightly loose rather than forcing characters to have perfect timing, but the emphasis is on "realistic" combat over a string of abilities. For more details, take a look at the full interview (scroll down to see the English version).

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