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Defiance producer addresses issues in recent patch

No launch period is without its stresses, bugs, and crises. Defiance Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson took some time to address some of the recent drama brought on by patching in new content and fixes. He called on the old adage that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," explaining that some of the problems in the most recent patch were due to the team wanting to get content out too quickly. "I could have pushed less and said 'no' and had it longer in testing and prepared better," Richardsson explained. He also stated that some of the problems couldn't have been caught with more thorough testing because of the differences between the live and test environments.

He concluded that the team is determined to do its best by Defiance, as "she deserves it." It's quite the delicate balance, we're sure, to deal with the fact that your game is out and being adored and also that it's got some vital issues. Richardsson summed up those feelings with, "I can go from sad to twerk in a heartbeat."

You can check out an ever-updating list of known issues here. Until the next patch, keep on twerkin' on.

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