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Fiat-Chrysler CEO says governments shouldn't 'strong arm' automakers into producing electric vehicles


Fiat may now be producing electric vehicles, but CEO Sergio Marchionne apparently doesn't think they represent the future for the automaker just yet -- or, at least, the only future. Speaking at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in Detroit yesterday, Marchionne said that his company is losing $10,000 on every 500e car sold (a figure he first offered fully two years ago), and added that "doing that on a large scale would be masochism in its extreme." Those comments came as part of a larger point he was making about the push towards electric vehicles, and what he described as "strong arm" tactics from governments promoting EVs over other alternatives. Instead of "rushing into embracing EVs as the only technological solution," he says, "government can help drive best results by remaining technology neutral." As for what Chrysler itself is looking at beyond EVs, Marchionne pointed to traditional engine improvements and alternative fuels like natural gas, which he says is the "cleanest alternative available in terms of emissions."

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