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OUYA shows up at the FCC, has its guts splayed for the world to see


It was only a matter of time, we suppose, before OUYA found itself on Uncle Sam's table, and the day has finally come, as the open source console has made its way through the FCC. As we've steadily uncovered all of OUYA's secrets since its inception, there's not much new revealed by the government's testing. That said, the flayed OUYA appears to be a founding backer edition, with the names of the chosen 11 inscribed on one side, but it's exchanged the opaque power button on top for a clear unit -- indicating that perhaps retail OUYA's will make it easier for owners to tell when the thing's on. Want to see the full monty for yourself? Theres's plenty of pictures of the OUYA's insides at the source link below.

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