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Breakfast Topic: How many dailies could you manage in one day?


Today is "Friday Dailies" for my guild, all ... day ... long. We're pushing for Daily Anticipation, the guild achievement for 150,000 dailies done. Sure, your guild may already have this achievement -- but it's not so easy to snag for a guild without a deep member roster.

We're close: 140,608 as of last night. And there's no way we do 10,000 dailies in one day, so a single, mind-numbing night of grinding is out of the question. Still, wondering when we might notch the achievement gets one ticking off one's fingers and wondering ...

Assuming you haven't stopped dailying around, how many dailies do you do every day? How many do you think you could complete in a normal-length (for you) play session if you really put the pedal to the metal? Which dailies would you line up first? If you were trying to do as many dailies as possible, is there somewhere you'd head outside of Pandaria to crank them out?

[Thanks for the topic go to Gimmlette, who I suspect is merely trying to remind me to log in tonight and, er, do my dailies!]

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