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Indie Royale 'Debut 2' bundle features up-and-coming Greenlight games


Continuing its tradition of following a theme for its bundles, the next Indie Royale gathers six up-and-coming Steam Greenlight games for consumption.

Croixleur is a hack-and-slash affair from Japanese indie studio Souvenir Circ where players must battle through floors of progressively more difficult enemies; Goodhustle Studios Inc.'s Beast Boxing Turbo has you infiltrating a monster boxing league and punching lots of animals in first-person fashion; Dawnstar is a free-roaming space combat game from Wraith Entertainment where you're charged with bringing order to a sector ravaged by The Future Mob – or becoming the next big crime kingpin yourself; Battlepaths is Key17Games' loot-driven 2D-RPG; Out There Somewhere from Miniboss is a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer; and Diehard Dungeon is a top-down roguelike from Tricktale thrusting players into randomly generated dungeons.

Both Beast Boxing Turbo and Out There Somewhere are tossing in their soundtracks for this latest bundle, and naturally each of these games includes a Steam code if they make it through Greenlight. All games in the Debut 2 bundle are for Windows PC, though Beast Boxing Turbo and Dawnstar are also Mac-compatible.

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