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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is hooked


With the recent release of Out of the Park Baseball 14, I've found that my free time lately has been drastically cut. It's hard to explain how a baseball sim like OOTP 14 can be so cripplingly addictive. For some, it's a management program that might look just as boring as a Google Spreadsheet. To me, it's an incredible stats-riddled sports simulation game that delivers a fun coaching/GM experience.

Anyone that has played games in the NFL Head Coach, Front Office Football or Football Manager series knows what's up; these games are certainly unique, but provide hours of fun. While I go ahead and continue my 100-round player draft in OOTP 14, y'all should check out last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the break.

Cyberacrophobia (Virtual Shackles)
Ram For One More (Awkward Zombie)
Electric Sheep (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)
Living the Life (The Gamercat)
My Immersion (KakuJomics)
Sonic at Sonic (Hoomph)
Okemon (Dorkly)
Smashing Pumpkins (Corpse Run)


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