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Breakfast Topic: Garrosh just needs a puppy


You know, I've been thinking about it. Garrosh isn't bad. He just has parenting issues. While Daddy Hellscream probably wasn't a helicopter dad, I think it's to safe that maybe Garrosh's needs as an infant weren't adequately respected. Maybe Garrosh was introduced to solid foods too soon, or perhaps he really wanted to spend more time attached to Daddy Hellscream in a papoose. Who can say?

But there's other ways to handle Garrosh's desperate need for a solid parenting figure. Maybe Thrall could get him a puppy. Or Basek Campfire could help out by performing a therapeutic rebirthing ceremony. Garrosh clearly has a deep-seated need for validation; perhaps it's time to fire up the WoW version of Facebook and get some peer-based kudos.

What do you think? What else could we to set Garrosh back on the straight-and-narrow, short of a gigantic rebellion?

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