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Namco's Idolm@ster games released on iOS in English (for $55 each)


Namco Bandai's Idolm@ster games have been exclusive to Japan since the series started, and for good reason: they're all about being a producer who recruits, trains, and promotes a girl group of "idol" performers. It's a huge sensation in Japan, and would meet mostly blank stares over here.

And now, Namco is helping generate those blank stares, releasing three Idolm@ster games, in English, on the iOS App Store. The catch: they're rhythm game spinoffs, without any of the simulation aspects. The real catch: they're $54.99 each. They're the same, except each stars a different team of erstwhile idols and includes a different animated sequence.

Square Enix just breathed a massive sigh of relief, as the pressure is off of its insane iOS pricing tendencies for a while.

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