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Worms Revolution Collection aims for Xbox 360 in UK this May


A hygienic Worms bundle will soon be available at UK retail. The Worms Revolution Collection, which includes Worms Revolution and Worms 2 Armageddon will be available May 3 for £24.99.

Both Revolution and Armageddon are the 2D gamplay style of classic Worms, with the former incorporating 3D graphics. The bundle also includes all three downloadable content packs (Mars, Funfair and Medieval Tales) released for Revolution. We've reached out to developer Team 17 for details on North American and general European release.

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Vive la Worms Révolution Collection!
Everyone's favourite garden-dwelling grenadiers are back and wriggling their way onto Xbox 360TM
22nd April 2013 – London, UK – Annelid aficionados Mastertronic today announced Worms™ Revolution Collection, the latest in anarchic action, will explode into stores on May 3rd for Xbox 360 ™.

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Worms ™ Revolution Collection, contains the latest OTT outing in the best-selling turn-based series, plus all three DLC packs and, as an added bonus, Worms™ 2 Armageddon and all five DLC packs all wrapped up in a mystery crate and sealed with a loving poke!

Worms™ Revolution
Worms™ Revolution is the latest game in the classic turn-based strategy series. It's fully loaded with exciting new features and beautiful 3D graphics but still retains the classic 2D gameplay that fans love. Introducing dynamic water effects, exploding physics objects and four different class acts to choose from and customise your game! Worms Revolution brings a whole host of anarchic additions – more single player missions, more puzzles, more customisation and... more worms! Includes all three DLC packs, Mars, Funfair and Medieval Tales, to complete one jam-packed package!

Worms™ 2 Armageddon
Pushing the cartoon carnage into overdrive, Worms™ 2 Armageddon comes with stunning new visuals and an arsenal of apocalyptic arms. Introducing Super Sheep, Napalm Strikes, Earthquakes and the legendary Concrete
Donkey, Worms™ 2 Armageddon is an exercise in extreme execution. Including five expansions previously sold separately – Battle, Puzzle, Forts, Time Attack and Retro. This is a can of worms you'll never want to close!

Crate-dropping into stores on May 3rd for Xbox 360 ™, priced £24.99.

For more information on Worms™ Revolution Collection head to:
Worms™ Twitter: @WormsTeam17
Hashtag: #WormsRevolution
Worms Facebook:


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