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Breakfast Topic: What makes WoW a great game?


You'll probably say I'm being paid off by Blizzard or something (I wish I was), that I'm a sell-out and shouldn't be trusted, and should be thrown to the dogs and such, but I love WoW. Of all the games I've played in my life, WoW is the one that's become an obsession. It's become a career even, it's now not just what I do in my spare time, but what I do in my work time, too. And I love it.

I was chatting with my friend Missy, a huge lover of lore, and we were discussing how different our gameplay experiences were. I rush through content, I'm all about the end-game, and getting there was quickly as possible. In scenarios, I get distracted by the killing, I just want to make with the stabby or the zappy or the choppy, and use my character's abilities in the most efficient and intelligent way I can to get the job done. I miss huge chunks of story because I'm just not looking out for it. And Missy plays completely differently, always with an eye on the story, always with an eye on the quest text and the NPC dialog and all the rest. I haven't watched a skippable cutscene in a really long time. And our own lore lovers here at WoW Insider are just the same, I'm sure Sally despairs of me. I know Anne does.

But we all love this game. There's something there for all of us, and for the hardcore raiders, the RPers, the people who never have max-level characters at all, the pet battlers, the people who only have an hour or two every third wednesday, they've all got a place in Azeroth.

And that's why WoW is a great game, in my book. But that's my book. What do you think?

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