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Destroy your file system (virtually) in Lunduke's Experimental AI Terminal


Independent developer Bryan Lunduke, creator of what is almost certainly the world's only Linux distribution sim, raises eyebrows again this week with the release of The Lunduke Experimental Artificial Intelligence Terminal (or "L.E.A.I.T."), a text-based game for Windows, Mac, and Linux starring Ruby, a friendly, lovable AI engine.

You won't have long to bond with your new pal, however. Shortly after the game begins, Ruby goes nuts and starts infecting your files with a virtual virus. The only way to stop Ruby's rampage is to track its activity through your computer's actual file system, deleting infected documents and cornering it between emptied directories.

You won't damage your personal files while playing L.E.A.I.T. – Ruby's in-game destruction is fictional, and players don't risk losing or infecting real files. Still, the game may still inspire a twinge of panic whenever it pops up a notification that Ruby's infection has spread to, say, your work documents, or your collection of kitten .gifs.

You can download a demo of L.E.A.I.T. at Lunduke's site for free, while the full version will set you back $3.

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