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Firaxis's Haunted Hollow spooks App Store [update]


XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization series developer Firaxis Games hits the App Store today with Haunted Hollow, a free-to-play strategy game in which players command an army of semi-fearsome ghouls and ghosts.

Haunted Hollow takes place over a series of one-on-one, tug-of-war style matches in which players compete to scare the residents of a nearby village. Multiple unit types are available, and you'll need to plan carefully in order to claim territory and fend off your opponent's attacks. The town itself isn't too pleased with the sudden influx of hauntings, either, and players will need to carefully route their creatures in order to avoid pitchfork-wielding mobs.

Haunted Hollow features a Game Center-driven asynchronous multiplayer option, along with single-player and local multiplayer pass-and-play modes. Firaxis is also working on an iOS port of that other strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, coming this summer.

Update: 2K has pulled the game from the App Store, sending out the following statement: "Some of our fans may have noticed our latest mobile title, Haunted Hollow, pre-maturely appearing on the App Store this morning as a result of a testing error. We have removed this build to add a few final updates, so the game can be as polished as possible when it launches globally. But fans won't have to wait long – Haunted Hollow will be available for free to download from the App Store next Thursday, May 2, 2013! We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, but please stay tuned for more information."

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