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Nyu Media funds Japanese indie shooters via Kickstarter


Indie-friendly localization studio and publishing partner Nyu Media has launched a Kickstarter project to fund the English-language release of a trio of titles from Japanese shoot-'em-up developer SITER SKAIN.

The Tale of ALLTYNEX includes the Windows shooters ALLTYNEX Second, RefleX, and KAMUI. Each chapter in the series offers unique gameplay mechanics, in addition to a central lock-on gimmick inspired by Taito's RayStorm series.

Previously, Nyu Media tackled Steam releases for games like Cherry Tree High Comedy Club and The eXceed Collection. The Tale of ALLTYNEX will follow suit if it drums up support through Steam Greenlight.

Nyu Media seeks $4,999 to cover the cost of a digital release, and a boxed physical edition will be produced if the group can collect more than $28,000. Backer rewards include downloadable copies of all featured games, t-shirts, and ... yes, body pillows.

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