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Road Redemption targeting Wii U, pending Kickstarter success


Road Redemption, a spiritual successor to Road Rash currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, will be ported to Wii U by Dark Seas Games if it successfully secures support.

Dark Seas Games lauded the Wii U's tablet controller as a great tool for local multiplayer, bypassing the need to split the primary screen. The developer also considered support of the Unity engine and the Wii U's 2GB of internal memory as deciding factors for porting Road Redemption.

Road Redemption hopes to launch on PC, Mac, Linux and Wii U in July should it meet the goal of $160,000 on Kickstarter. It has pulled in close to $60,000 so far.

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The Time Has Come For Road Redemption

Dark Seas Games is proud to announce that we will be porting Road Redemption to the Wii U, in addition to the already announced PC, Mac and Linux versions. Road Redemption is a spiritual successor to the motorcycle combat/racing series Road Rash.

"I want to play that! Get funded and kick ass!"
-Dan Geisler, Co-designer of Road Rash 1, 2, & 3

Here is a 60 second gameplay trailer, via Road Redemption's kickstarter page.

We are currently over 1/3 of the way toward our funding goal after only one week on kickstarter.

Road Redemption on Wii U

We believe that the Wii U is a great fit for Road Redemption.

The tablet-style gamepad has great potential for local multiplayer gaming without the need for a splitscreen, and we hope to see more developers taking advantage of this potential.

Nintendo has reached out to independent game developers by wholeheartedly embracing the Unity 4 gaming engine for Wii U development. Thankfully, the Wii U's strong technical specs, specifically the 2GB of ram, will allow us to bring the full Road Redemption experience to this console.

New Road Redemption Single Player Campaign Details

Road Redemption has deep RPG-like elements in the Single Player Campaign.

As you complete missions, you earn cash for the bike shop, where you unlock new bikes with better stats, as well as have the opportunity to customize elements of your current bike, such as its color. You are able to upgrade and recruit new gang members who ride with you on missions, as well as improve your own character by buying new equipment to boost your stats such as better helmets, weapons and other equipment. Of course, some equipment can only be earned by playing certain missions.

There is also a skill system tied to experience earned by playing missions.

There will never be any in-game real money purchases in Road Redemption.

Road Redemption Description

Road Redemption brings modern graphics, physics, A.I., and online play to the classic combat racing formula that the Road Rash series made famous.

Concept work on Road Redemption began in 2009, and the game has been in active development for over a year.

Road Redemption team members have worked for companies such as Sega, Gameloft, Sony, Eidos and EA, on projects such as God of War 3, Dark Age of Camelot, and the NBA 2k series.

We're bringing Road Redemption to Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and now the Wii U. We're building it, from the ground up, to be an amazing experience on both mouse/keyboard and gamepads.

Road Redemption features a complex combat system focused on classic melee weapons, kicks, counters and parries. We are also introducing firearms and explosive weapons to select missions.

Road Redemption's single-player campaign includes races across deserts, through bustling cities, atop skyscrapers, and other levels to be announced.

Road Redemption's online multiplayer will include free-for-all and team-based combat. Many of the single player mission types will be available to play online.

Road Redemption will release on July 2014, as a DRM-free, microtransaction-free, gaming experience.

We are asking for $160,000 and from the community in order to make Road Redemption the game that hardcore gamers everywhere have been dreaming about since 1999. We have raised over $57,000 in our first week.

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