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Breakfast Topic: Making time for roleplay


I sometimes like to deny it, but I'm really a roleplayer at heart. I can't have a character on screen for longer than a few minutes without inventing some labyrinthine back story. That throwaway gnome Warlock, which just happened to like Engineering? Spontaneously he's pioneering the art of Imp-powered steam engines. That blood elf Death Knight? Sure, he used to be a Warrior but he embraced the dark side as a way to get magic back.

I can't help myself. But it's hard to find time for roleplay. Between work, a daughter, and a dog, my time's pretty precious. So I squeeze in a few minutes of random conversation while waiting for the queue to pop, and otherwise just amuse myself with stories in my head.

How do you find time for roleplay? Modern life moves fast, and it's easy to let it just blink by. Where do squeeze in little bits of roleplay to keep the passion alive?

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