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Capcom: None of the canceled games had been announced


Capcom's recently revealed slew of game cancellations didn't involve anything previously announced. In a follow-up conference call to last week's financial statement, the company clarified that most of the canceled games were due between April 2014 and March 2015, although a few were scheduled for the current fiscal year ending March 2014.

Capcom revised its financial forecasts last week with a "special loss" of around $73 million, due to those cancellations. The company also announced a switch to more internal development following disappointment with projects outsourced overseas.

Asked if the company was considering reducing "the number of development lines for home video games," Capcom said developing for that market is still the core element of its strategy. Even if packaged software sales drop, the company said it believes console and online (such as DLC) sales will continue to increase.

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