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Moga Pro controller makes Android games better


We got our hands on one of PowerA's new Moga Pro Android controllers, and so we decided to put together a little video detailing how it works. The Moga Pro is a full-sized console styled controller, complete with a cradle to attach Android phones (and a separate stand for tablets).

Overall, the experience of using the Moga Pro is a good one, providing much greater control compared to Android's usual touch screen controls. First-person shooters in particular are dramatically better, and the benefits for a reflex-intensive game like Pac-Man are obvious. We did notice a small amount of input lag while playing R-Type, but this seems to be a software issue, as other games like Dead Trigger played just fine.

There's also a strange bug in R-Type that can force users to exit other games and go back into R-Type. We contacted PowerA, and the bug seems to be confined specifically to R-Type. PowerA is reaching out to its developers to get it fixed.

The Moga Pro is available now for $50. Watch the video above for a full rundown.

Update: PowerA contacted Joystiq to let us know that R-Type has been updated, and the bug mentioned in the video should now be fixed.

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