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Sprint reports quarterly net loss of $643 million, sees iPhone sales drop by a third


Sprint managed to lose a million customers and over a billion dollars last quarter. This time it's not quite as bad, with a net loss of $643 million on revenue that was broadly equivalent to the same quarter of last year (around $8.8 billion). Those following the carrier's big iPhone gamble will note that sales of Apple smartphones fell by around a third relative to last quarter, from 2.2 million down to 1.5 million. Total smartphone sales reached 5 million, which Sprint describes as "strong" and which helped it to slightly increase the amount of profit it makes from each postpaid customer. However, this wasn't enough to offset the impact of losing another half a million customers, specifically due to the ongoing exodus of Nextel subscribers. Partly as a result of this, the company's revenues continue to be wiped out by its huge costs of doing business -- not that its potential suitors seem to mind.

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