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World of Tanks' 8.5 patch expands armor roster, adds premium features for free players

Jef Reahard

World of Tanks' 8.5 update is here, and it's brought a bunch of updates with it. Chief among them are expanded tank rosters for both Germany and the USSR as well as the introduction of premium feature options for free players.

Previously, premium consumables were only purchasable with gold, the in-game currency purchased with real-world money,"'s press release explains. "In addition, all players, both paying and non-paying, will be able to create 3-member platoons and companies."

Finally, the patch features the new Pearl River battle arena and visual revamps to Siegfried Line, South Coast, and Malinovka. The 8.5 patch releases on April 24th in Europe and April 25th in the U.S. You can view the 8.5 teaser video after the break.

[Source: press release]

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