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Delicious Monster releases Delicious Library 3 with companion iOS scanner app


Delicious Monster is known for Delicious Library, a comprehensive inventory app that lets you track items from every nook and cranny of your life. The OS X app was updated today to version 3.0, and the changes that Delicious Monster made to Delicious Library are impressive.

First and foremost is an improved UI that not only looks better, but has nice touches like the book icons, which vary their thickness based on the number pages in the book. The bookshelf now has crown molding as well as improved lighting and reflections to make it more realistic. Items on your bookshelf now have a 3D look and even pivot to follow your mouse cursor.

Delicious Monster releases Delicious Library 3 with companion iOS scanner app

New features are abundant in Delicious Library 3 and include a recommendations engine, a wishlist pane and smart shelves that let you create rules to easily populate any shelf. There's also a global search function that supports voice search and shows results from your collections and friend's collections. Number-crunchers will appreciate a new stats page that shows you the types of products in your collection and their collective value. You can read the full changelog on Delicious Monster's website.

One of the biggest additions to Delicious Library 3 is Delicious Scanner, a new companion scanner app for your iPhone or iPad. The app lets you walk around your home or office and add items to your library by scanning UPC and EAN barcodes.

Delicious Library 3 is available from Delicious Monster's website or the Mac App Store. Version 3 of the app costs US$25, which is $10 less than the original price of Delicious Library 2. There is no upgrade discount for current users as Apple's Mac App Store policy does not accommodate upgrade pricing. You can download a free trial of Delicious Library 3 to try it before your buy it.

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