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Fotopedia Reporter for iPad lets you create and share your photo stories

Mel Martin

Fotopedia Reporter is a unique, free iPad app that I would describe as a socially aware, digital coffee table book that lets you see and share photos that tell stories. The stories can be travel photos, landscapes, a restaurant visit or a dive trip. Anything that would be of interest to others that you know or don't know.

To help you get started, the app provides some attractive designs. Your creation can be shared on Facebook or Twitter, or you can email a web link and it can be viewed in a browser. You can view others' projects and leave comments. Of course, you don't have to be a contributor, you can just browse the many stories and photos submitted.

One question I had to the developers was the issue of rights. The answer is that people who publish photos choose their license type (all rights reserved, creative commons or public domain) and the poster retains the rights. The terms of use allows Fotopedia to advertise on its own properties, and partner properties, and the images you submit can be used to promote Fotopedia.

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Why submit your stories? Mostly to get an audience. Fotopedia products get millions of views across its 14 apps and websites. Don't think of Fotopedia as simply a slide show. It's the stories behind the images that are just as important. Tell your stories, share them publicly or privately, get some feedback and create a community of people you'll enjoy knowing.

It's a bit hard to fully describe what this app offers, but it's worth a look. For those interested in communicating visually, it's a very well-thought-out tool. If you want to see what the app can do, Fotopedia Reporter is available on the web. It's fully functional, but I like it best on the iPad Retina display.

Fotopedia Reporter requires internet connectivity to work, and needs iOS 5.0 or later on your iPad.

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