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Luftrausers clone dev shoots back at Vlambeer

RubiqLab, the developer accused of cloning Vlambeer's upcoming 2D dogfighter Luftrausers, has taken to Facebook to assert that Vlambeer's game isn't an original concept.

The Game luftrauser is cloned by ( SKYSTRIKE , JETSTRIKE & many more ) And your game also came under pixel art. Earlier games likes SkyStricks & Jetstrike also were in pixel art. SO WHAT DO YOU SAY IS THAT REALLY YOUR OWN IDEA ? We dont think so.

The clone in question, SkyFar, shares certain mechanics and a visual style with Vlambeer's game, painting the world in a blue hue versus Luftrausers red color scheme.

Joystiq has contacted RubiqLab for further comment on its stance, and will update this post if the developer responds.

Luftrausers is the second game of Vlambeer's to be cloned. The first is the notorious case of Radical Fishing (Ridiculous Fishing on iOS), where Vlambeer's browser-based fishing game was beaten to iOS. Luftrausers is slated to launch this spring on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3 and PS Vita.

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