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Miiverse makes its way to 3DS this year


The Miiverse is expanding (just like the universe) and is scheduled to launch on the 3DS this year, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced in a financial presentation. Miiverse launched in Bowser browser form yesterday.

"We are also planning to make available a system update for Nintendo 3DS to allow its users to view and post content on Miiverse on the system within this year," Iwata said. Nintendo hopes Miiverse on the 3DS will prompt users to "understand the charm of the other platform, Wii U."

Miiverse was initially announced for the Wii U in June 2012 and launched with that console in November. The newest version of Miiverse is accesible via desktops and smartphone browsers, in beta form, currently allowing users to interact with their friends' feeds. It doesn't yet support creating new posts or new accounts, but Nintendo will "enrich the service incrementally."

Iwata wants the browser Miiverse to also influence user perception of the Wii U: "It will play an important role in having those who do not have Wii U understand the appeal of the platform through Miiverse."

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