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Objection! Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD delayed again for iOS, due July


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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD won't be summoned onto iOS devices as planned this month after Capcom adjourned the game again. The upscaled remastering of the three DS games was originally due last fall, but delays took it into early 2013, then April.

In a hardly encouraging but certainly candid post on the Ask Capcom forums, Senior VP Christian Svensson said, "For reasons unknown to me, the release has slid another several months to July. Sorry guys."

When the free-to-download app eventually arrives, it'll feature Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations as purchasable games within it, both separately and bundled together. It'll also include an 'Everybody Object' mode that lets you email and tweet Phoenix Wright catchphrases via sound files and animated tweets, which by our reckoning would work as its own app, really.

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