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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Tactics S, coming soon to iOS


Square Enix has launched a Japanese site for an upcoming mobile game called Final Fantasy Tactics S, and it sounds intriguing. Final Fantasy Tactics, of course, is the excellent tactical strategy game based on Square's old Final Fantasy series, which arrived on iOS a little while ago. The "S" version appears to be a social version, which will have you fighting monsters tactically while your "clan" competes against others.

This is both good and bad news. The good part is that Final Fantasy Tactics is a great series, and it's always nice to see Square return to tactical strategy and the world of Ivalice, especially on smartphones like the iPhone. The bad news, however, is that Square Enix has had sort of a tin ear when it comes to iOS lately. The company's ports have never been really great for a touchscreen, and the last few titles they've released (specifically Final Fantasy: All the Bravest) have been badly implemented and overly expensive.

So in other words, we'll see. Final Fantasy Tactics S is currently only set for a Japanese release, but there's a good possibility we'll see it make its way over to North America and Europe as well. Stay tuned.

[via Touch Arcade]

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