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The Cathar arrive in SWTOR's next update


How long has it been since BioWare announced the new player-species for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Officially, it was a year ago at E3. Today, SWTOR explained via fansites that Cathar will finally come in the next major patch, better known as GU 2.1: Customization.

Producer Cory Butler explained that Cathar can be unlocked for 600 Cartel Coins on an account for subscribing, preferred, and free-to-play players alike. Previous species unlocks have been per server only. When asked why BioWare implemented the cat-like race, Butler told SWTORFace, "One of the reasons we chose Cathar is because they are new and unfamiliar to many of our players -- in much the same way as Rattataki and Chiss -- but have been well-received by our players."

Check out the announcement video after the cut.

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