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DUST 514 launches on May 14


CCP Games has just announced at this weekend's EVE Fanfest that the wait for DUST 514 will soon be over: DUST 514 is launching on May 14th.

The free-to-play PlayStation 3 shooter is built to connect with CCP's sci-fi MMORPG sandbox, EVE Online; players in one game can directly influence the players in the other.

"Gamers can look forward to an ever-progressing game, built on the experience CCP has gathered over the past decade, as new features and upgrades are rolled out for years to come," declares the press release posted today. Massively published a hands-on with the game in January.

[Source: CCP press release]

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Whether you're a die-hard fan of internet spaceships or just a gawker on the sidelines, EVE Fanfest is the EVE Online event of the year (and the key source of new DUST 514 and World of Darkness scoops!). Follow Massively's Brendan Drain as he reports back on this year's Fanfest starpower, scheming, and spoilers from exotic Reykjavik, Iceland.

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